A handwriting analysis book focused on specializing in Genealogy Graphoanalysis.  Analysis worksheet, master report forms, validation forms, marketing ideas, and a section on a completed analysis with worksheet, report, and resulting article are included.
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Genealogy Graphoanalysis

This is a basic handwriting analysis book offering elementary definitions of Graphoanalysis while focusing on genealogy.  All of the basic Graphoanalysis information is included along with two gauges for measuring writing strokes.  A genealogy blind study is also contained in the book as well as a report on statistical changes in handwriting for the past 55 years.
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Graphoanalysis for Genealogy
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In Europe, handwriting analysis has been widely accepted for many decades. It is recognized as a science and routinely used for both business and the professions.
In the United States it is gaining wider acceptance and is now an accreditied course in several universities. There are an estimated 50,000 handwriting analysts in the U.S. today.
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Handwriting analysis has become more important in both the private and public sectors. Estimates of private companies already using it are in the thousands.

Graphoanalysis holds special merit in a wide variety of applications because it is non-discriminatory. An accurate analysis can be done without knowing the writer's gender, race, age or name.
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Vocational Direction Through Handwriting Analysis:

A vocational system using Graphoanalysis to indicate the most suitable careers
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